Most common iphone hacks by apple phone repair specialists in Land O Lakes


Apple’s iOS may be simple to use on smartphones and tablets, but it’s packed with advanced features. As a result, iOS users are looking for ways to customize their devices and maximize their capabilities. As a result of all the available hacks, tips, and tricks, the iPhone is an ideal operating system for today’s age. You’ll need to master these iPhone tips, tricks, and hacks by Save gadget to become a true iOS expert in 2022.

As an iPhone owner, you may want to investigate how to maximize your iOS device’s capabilities. Similarly, here are the best iPhone hacks and techniques by apple phone repair specialists in Land O Lakes you should know right now. These iPhone hacks and tips we curated will improve your understanding of your iPhone in 2022 and change how you use it.

Most common iphone hacks by apple phone repair specialists in Land O Lakes

Instead of removing them, simply hide the applications you aren’t using.

You will have so many applications in a short period that it will be difficult to keep track of and arrange them. You can hide apps you rarely use but don’t want to lose from the Home screen. They will still be available for download in Siri search and the App Library (that last page on your iPhone when you keep swiping left). According to the phone repair store, This method can hide Apple’s built-in applications.

Hold the app icon until a pop-up menu appears and says “Remove App.” Instead of deleting the app, select Remove from Home Screen.

Close old Safari tabs.

Almost everyone has several Safari windows open at the same time. Safari, on the other hand, is a surprisingly easy program to learn. In the Settings app, select Safari. Touch the Close Tabs button when you’re finished with a page. You can set your iPhone to automatically close old tabs after one day, one week, or one month, or you can leave them open until you close them manually. You can also select Manually, which keeps the tabs open until you close them.

To avoid having a mountain of open tabs on your iPhone, set it to close old ones automatically. 

Change the iPhone’s default browser.

You may prefer Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC and want to carry that preference over to your iPhone. After iOS 14, you can simply change your iPhone’s default browser. In the Settings app, select Safari. Select Default Browser App from the drop-down menu to choose your preferred browser app.

You may lock your camera’s focus and exposure.

Because digital SLR and mirrorless camera cameras allow you to lock the focus and exposure settings, you can easily reframe and recompose a shot. The iPhone offers the same functionality. When you launch the Camera app, tap and hold the screen where you want to lock the focus and exposure, the AE/AF Lock message will appear at the top of the screen as you recompose the photo; the focus point and exposure setting will remain constant until you press the shutter release. Manually adjust the exposure by dragging your finger up or down. Tap anywhere on the screen to unlock it.

Any material you must put to sleep can be done using a timer.

You can set your phone to shut down and play music or a program before bed. A sleep timer is simple to set up. After the Clock app has started, tap Timer. When setting the song’s duration, tap After Timer Ends. Choose to Stop Playing from the pop-up menu, followed by Set. You can set a timer, and the Music app will automatically stop playing when the timer expires.

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Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section below for more information.

Is there an iPhone hidden mode?

Private Browsing Mode allows you to open private tabs that do not display in History on your iPhone or in the list of tabs on your other devices.

What exactly is the iPhone 12’s hidden button?

Back Tap is the function that converts the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone into a hidden button.

Does the Apple logo on the iPhone have any effect?

‘Back Tap’ is a feature of iOS 14 that was released on September 16, 2020. The function allows iPhone owners to convert the Apple logo on the back of their handset into a hidden button.