The Most Common iPhone Repairs Offered At Apple Repair Stores?

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Did you drop your new iPhone in the water or floor? And are you not sure about the iPhone repairs offered at Apple Phone Repair Land O Lakes? Don’t worry. We have got you.

Cell phones have become an important part of our lives. We perform most of our tasks on our mobile phones, whether related to work or entertainment. Whenever something bad happens to our phones, we immediately try to fix it ourselves rather than take it to a cell phone repair store. This usually happens because we are not sure about services offered at stores for phone repair. And unfortunately, we even end up causing more damage to our phones by trying to fix them ourselves, which is especially true for iPhones.

Therefore, to help you in this case, we have compiled a list of the most common iPhone repairs offered at stores for electronics repair in Land O Lakes.

iPhone Repairs Offered At Apple Phone Repair Land O Lakes

So these are some of the most common iPhone damages done and the most common iPhone repairs offered at cell phone repair store in Land O Lakes.

Damaged Screen

This is one of the most common damages to iPhones. We all know at least one person with a damaged or broken display. iPhone screens are fragile and can be damaged easily if we accidentally drop them somewhere. Even a fall from a nominal height can cause cracks to form on the screen. But the good news is that you can easily get your iPhone’s screen fixed at various cell phone repair centers.

However, you must ensure that you go to a reputed phone repair store in Land O Lakes, such as the Save Gadget. Our technicians are well-experienced and highly qualified. We make use of original replacement components to ensure that your phone gets back to its original condition after the repair.

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Battery Issues And Replacement

Another common issue that iPhone users face is a degrading battery. After 3-4 years of usage, you will start noticing that your battery does not work as efficiently as it used. Your phone might run out of battery in the middle of the work day or when you’re out for a social outing, and it may even take longer than expected to charge. This is what happens with lithium-ion batteries. They become inefficient as they age.

Therefore, many stores for electronics repair in Land O Lakes offer battery fixing and battery replacement services. However, you must ensure you go to a trusted phone repair store such as ourselves, as replacing an iPhone battery is a bit tricky compared to replacing the battery of other brands’ phones. iPhone has to be opened if an inexperienced technician tries to do it. He might void the warranty.

You can even contact Apple for the faulty battery if your phone is still under the warranty period.

Home Buttons

The home button is the most used button in any phone. And its extensive use causes it to get damaged or faulty quickly, due to which users might not be able to utilize it fully. The home button can get damaged or unresponsive due to long-term use.

But before you consider getting it replaced, you must contact a technician to confirm it is really broken or damaged. Sometimes the home button needs to be cleaned only, and it starts working fine.

Charging Port

A defective charging port is an issue that iPhone users and any phone owner face. When people try to plug in the charger in different ways, and their phone still is not charged, this is mainly because of a faulting port.

Sometimes, dirt and debris are stuck in the charging port preventing it from charging the device. In this case, you can either clean the port yourself or get it done professionally. You can use a toothpick or compressed air to pull the dirt out of the port. However, you must ensure that your strokes are light so they won’t damage the internal delicate components of the charging port.

If your phone is still not getting charged, there might be an issue with the cable, adapter, or charging port itself. You must contact a professional or visit a phone repair store if the issue is with the charging port. However, you might consider buying a new one in the case of a data cable and adapter.

So these are some of the most common repairs offered at Apple Phone Repair Land O Lakes. To learn more about our services, you must visit our website or contact us.