Does Your Iphone Have Water Damage? You Might Need An Apple Phone Repair In Land O Lakes


If you’ve recently dropped your iPhone in a liquid (such as water or tea) and then picked it up, assuming nothing had happened, only to find out later that your iPhone isn’t working, then there’s a good probability that your iPhone has suffered liquid spill water damage. 

There is a good chance your iPhone will need to be repaired due to typical wear and use, including water splashes and dust buildup.

Take it your nearest expert in Apple phone repair in Land O Lakes for an accurate water damage assessment.

How Can You Tell If Your Iphone Has Suffered Water Damage?

You need to follow a few simple procedures high;ighed by experts in Apple phone repair in Land O Lakes to eliminate any uncertainties you may have about whether your iPhone has water damage or not:

  • Remove your iPhone cases first, then look for the sim card tray and put it there on the right side, next to the side button. There is a minor hole in the tray.
  • Utilize the tools for removing trays, press on the hole under your sim-tray, and take out the tray. Put a litmus paper in the same hole as before.
  • Look for a red color by shining any light into the slot.

A red color is a warning indicator if you see one. Your iPhone’s Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) has been activated, indicating that liquid (such as water or tea) has entered the device. If you didn’t see a white color where you should have, damage may have occurred to your iPhone. You will realize that you require phone repair store at this point.

If Your Iphone Comes In Contact With Water, What Are Your Options?

  • First and foremost, avoid plugging the charger into your iPhone if you accidentally spilled something other than water on it. Next, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down your iPhone, such as the one you use to clean your eyeglasses.
  • When you open the sim’s tray, make sure there is no liquid or water within. There are two places where liquids are most likely to get into your iPhone: the sim tray and the earpiece speaker.
  • If liquid has spilled near the charging port, gently touch or tap the iPhone with your hand while keeping the Lightning connector facing downward to remove the excess liquid. To speed up the drying process, place your iPhone in front of a fan, and then blow air directly into the Lightning connector.
  • To dry your iPhone, don’t use a heat source or a foreign object, like a cotton swab in the Lightning connector, to do so. Your iPhone’s battery life may be compromised if a piece of cotton swab or paper is left inside the connector.
  • There are a number of ideas available online, such as storing your iPhone in a bag of rice, using a hair dryer inside the phone, or utilizing a heater. Never attempt them or believe them. Although you’ll be under the impression that your iPhone has been revived, the water has actually destroyed internal components, resulting in more extensive damage.
  • Turn off your iPhone and take it to a reputable cell phone repair center to get it cleaned from the inside. To remove water, salt, liquids, and other minerals from the components of your iPhone motherboard, we utilize IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and a high-quality ultrasonic cleaner when you come to Save Gadget for Apple phone repair in Land O Lakes.

How Can You Avoid Serious Water Damage?

Use caution when using your iPhone in the following cases:

  • Any time your iPhone is near water, whether it’s swimming, taking a shower, or participating in a water sport, it should be protected.
  • In close proximity to a steam or sauna room. In humid environments, the likelihood of water particles entering your iPhone increases, resulting in the Liquid Indicator being active.


Save Gadget can handle any form of iPhone water damage repair, however the cost may vary based on the degree of damage.

If the iPhone was brought in for repair within a few days of the liquid spill, our skilled specialists at Save Gadget are the top choice or Apple phone repair in Land O Lakes. They will thoroughly analyze the extent of damage and follow the appropriate measures in handling a water-damaged iPhone.


  1. Can an iPhone be fixed if it has water damage?

You shouldn’t freak out just yet, though, since there’s a strong chance that your iPhone can be fixed despite its water damage. It’s imperative not to charge or place your phone in rice in an unsuccessful attempt to dry it out after it has become wet.

  1. How long does it take for an iPhone to dry out?

Using accessories or charging your iPhone while it’s wet could cause damage. Before powering or connecting a Lightning accessory, give yourself at least 5 hours. With the Lightning port facing down, tap the iPhone gently against your hand to remove any extra liquid. Leave the gadget in a place that is dry and has enough airflow.